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I was trying to find a way to measure a particular players defensive impact using the stats available to a neophyte in this area. I've been told that Defensive Win share and Defensive rating are more of a measure of team defensive ability than an individuals.

You mention Bradley perhaps not being quite as elite defensively (my words, not yours) as a Tony Allen.

How are you measuring the defensive or 'goodness" impact of a particular player? I haven't been able to find updated RAPM stats or others of that nature nor am I sure they are available or of import in a less than seasonal sample.


Eric- Partially RAPM, Allen is a 3.53 (up is good), Bradley a -.26, for last year. Also Allen gets more blocks, more steals and fouls less.


Andrew, do you calculate RAPM yourself or are those numbers available to the general public?


No, that's as of last year from Stats for the NBA


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