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Andrew, always enjoy the articles and this was obviously timely. Feel a bit hurried at the end but it the points made are clear.



Thanks and fair point on the conclusion. I don't always know how to end pieces, especially after the main points are made. In essence I think the deal was a little high, but there are ways Bradley can grow into the deal.


Bradley has a positional issue. He is a tremendous on ball defender, but only against the opposing PG. If you look at how he does defending the opposing team's SG (via 82games), you see his lack of height is a real problem. His eFG% against is not good for a SG, and creates real problems if someone like Kyle Korver (or anyone above 6'3") is on the court.

He's 6'2", and plays like it. He has the offensive game of a SG, but the defensive game of a PG. That's possibly a good player if you've got Marcus Smart, a PG with the length to play SG, but only if Smart is good. Bradley severely limits your options at the PG position.

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