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Andrew, Really liked this one + the Nylon Calculus article on "Does Guard Defense matter?". What's the tipping point Offense to defense when one factor over rides the other?

I have a question regarding a totally different subject (wasn't sure how to contact you directly)

Have you or any of your cohorts done any work towards attempting to figure out how to "Rate"
NBA coaches?

I've been poking around Google for about an hour and have yet to find a ranking/rating system that offers anything more than some touchy feely attempts to do this.

I'm not even sure how to approach it or even if there's data that can be gotten at to do so,

I cam across an interview with Bill Musselman commenting on Brad Stevens right after his hire and he lists what he believes are the difference between coacing in the collegiate ranks vs the pros.


It breaks down to Personnel, Teaching, The Shot Clock, Late-Game situations (see below) and Practice (PRACTICE??!!)

Not sure if this is a good baseline for attempting to do a rating/ranking or how Coash "A"'s
substitution pattern would work with Coach B's team etc etc.

There's also an attempt to analyze ​Which NBA Coaches Are Best At Designing Plays During Timeouts. http://regressing.deadspin.com/which-nba-coaches-are-best-at-designing-plays-during-t-1482773198

Which looks like it could be part of an analysis based on somthing tangible.

Ideas? Comments?


Thanks for the comment. I took a pretty incomplete look at coaching last year, I think Jeff Hornacek came out the best. Some studies like Dave Berri's think the most important aspect of coaching is just putting the right players into the game. I also think Jeremias Engelmann has done some stuff on coaching, he used it in his original version of RPM.


Here is the coaching post I did last year.


Wish I had the patience to go through all these stats/ratings. Thanks for doing it for me though-enjoy your blog.

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