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Frequently its advantageous to combine models/stats for improved performance; with this in mind, it REALLY makes Happ, Josh Hart, and Mikal Bridges seem like great first round picks. Love all 3 of those players as longer-term NBA players albeit perhaps not superstars (Lonzo Ball?) And speaking of Lonzo, how did he not pen-out well in both models?

Lastly, when you going to pen-out a model for international prospects? Frank Ntilikina great chance of being the best player in this draft.


also big fan of Markannen and Justin Patton, but lack of rebounding is indeed scary for a guy playing center, and with Lauri we need a different way to measure defense that isn't totally steals/blocks stat-based. Is he a good (team-player) defender or not? Scouting has its role, for sure.

Lastly Giles still improving from an injured start, so asterisk is really needed, plus all the Grayson Allen drama, and another asterisk might be good for Bam Adebayo as he seems to get better by the minute this year. Something to be said for a guy who learns quick inside of 1 season, esp'y freshmen. I don't think stats-guys pay enuf attention to the late bloomers, and maybe a perfect example of that would be Tyus Jones who kept getting better as season went on, and now is stuck 4 deep for a Minnesota org that REALLY seems to not value PGs properly (loves Derrick Rose, looking to unload Rubio).

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